Advance Praise for The Aspirational Investor

“Chhabra is the world’s pre-eminent thinker on how to adopt financial decisions to address effective wealth management. This book lays out his insights and a wonderfully clear and compelling way.”

-Bruce Greenwald-Robert Heilbrunn
Professor of Finance and Asset Management,
Columbia University

"Ashvin Chhabra is one of the smartest and wisest investment experts I know. This book explains how to break down a seemingly very complex problem—how we should invest our money—into manageable steps. I recommend it highly."

-Eric Maskin, Adams University Professor, Harvard University;
Nobel Laureate in Economics (2007)

"In this engaging, accessible, and hugely insightful book, Chhabra shows individual investors how to structure investments to match three separate goals to protect, sustain, and enhance their way of life in unique circumstances."

-Charles D. Ellis, founder of Greenwich Associates and author of
Winning the Loser’s Game