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Soundview Executive Book Summaries Review

"Most investors should probably read this book before making any further decisions on their investments: Very few of us can afford to ignore any of Chhabra’s three risk buckets."



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Chhabra (chief investment officer, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Bank of America) redefines personal investing from trying to beat the market to focusing first on personal objectives and then tailoring investments to fit. He starts by explaining the pitfalls of investing and how individuals rarely beat market averages and that even the returns of the best professionals fall short once fees are deducted. The author advises individuals to first assess their personal objectives as well as their tolerance for risk. He calls his innovative system the Wealth Allocation Framework. Within it, Chhabra divides objectives and investments into three categories: Safety (funds to meet emergencies and assets such as a home to live in), Market (investments to keep up with the market and inflation), and Aspirational (higher risk investments that could have huge returns). He analyzes the market-beating Endowment Model and Warren Buffett's value investing to illustrate how his own system works. VERDICT Chhabra's clear, concise work will resonate with more affluent readers who want to better understand the management of their assets.—Lawrence Maxted, Gannon Univ. Lib., Erie, PA


Additional praise for The Aspirational Investor

"Individual investors are often their own worst enemies. They tend to buy and sell at the wrong times. They chase hot stocks and funds and often ruin their financial lives with dumb decisions. In this valuable guide, Ashvin Chhabra teaches individuals how to focus on their key financial goals and shows them how to be better investors."

-Burton G. Malkiel,
author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street


"The Aspirational Investor is a most-readable popular presentation of investment theory and practice in general, as well as an account of Dr. Chhabra’s own influential contributions."

-Harry M. Markowitz,
Nobel Laureate 1990, Economics

"The Aspirational Investor presents an excellent and, in my opinion, original program to guide an individual in the management of all of his assets. After a breezy review of the history of financial markets, the book outlines a holistic and completely sensible vision of investing. Equipped with a bit of discipline, one could do no better than to follow these precepts."

-James H. Simons,
Founder and Chairman of the Board,
Renaissance Technologies.